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Technology experts talk about the need for greater industry automation and collaboration in Canadian Insurance Top Broker's special roundtable discussion

There is a need for greater collaboration among technology stakeholders within the industry. This was the common sentiment felt by participants of a recent roundtable discussion, hosted by Canadian Insurance Top Broker on January 12, 2012 at the Rogers Publishing offices in Toronto.

Senior-level executives, including insurers, technology vendors and a broker representative from the Organization of Real Time Brokers Implementing Technology (ORBiT), agreed that in order for the industry to continue to compete and better serve customers, it was necessary for all parties to work together lobbying for a harmonized view on industry standards while keeping abreast of new innovations at the same time.

Education—or lack thereof—was another area of concern. Vendors and insurers stated that the take-up rate on new technology by brokers is disappointing, and that perhaps one of the reasons is that brokers aren’t properly trained on certain programs, including their Broker Management System (BMS), portals and other systems.

The roundtable participants offered various views on what the biggest technology challenges are today and possible solutions. Editor Daryl Angier moderated the discussion, which included:

  • Pat Durepos, president, Keal Technology
  • Glen Piller, CEO, iter8
  • Doug Johnston, vice president of partner relations & product innovation, Applied Systems
  • Jamie Rodgers, vice president, P&C insurance practice lead, CGI
  • Jeff Roy, president, P.A. Roy Insurance Brokers Inc., and ORBiT representative
  • Gordon Alexander, industry architect, insurance, IBM Canada Ltd.
  • Patrick Vice, director, information technology, Frank Cowan Co. Ltd., and principle,
  • Mark Wai, vice president architecture & strategy, Aviva Canada
  • Katherine Evans, vice president and CFO, Unica Insurance
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