Trisura maintains support of Broker Identity Program for 2018 | Canadian Insurance

Trisura maintains support of Broker Identity Program for 2018

CEO Mike George says brokers are of “vital importance” to the insurance process

Trisura Guarantee Insurance Company says it’s pleased to remain a full partner of the Insurance Brokers Association of Canada’s (IBAC) Broker Identity Program (BIP) for 2018.

“The ‘Tri’ in the name Trisura represents to us the three-party relationship between our brokers, their customers and ourselves,” Mike George, Trisura’s president and CEO, said in a news release. “We are a broker company because we believe independent brokers are of vital importance to the insurance process and in representing the needs and best interests of insureds.”

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IBAC launched the Broker Identity Program in 1988 to raise awareness of the insurance broker distribution network, and help promote the value and professionalism of brokers to consumers, as well as insurers and governments.

“Trisura understands the benefits of branding in promoting the value of insurance brokers,” said IBAC CEO Peter Braid. “Their renewed investment demonstrates a strong commitment to providing excellent customer service through the broker channel, and we greatly appreciate their continued support.”

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