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Surex Direct’s new hire takes on AI, machine learning

The online brokerage will use AI to reduce administrative tasks, find cross-selling opportunities

Surex Direct Insurance has welcomed Dr. Eric Chalmers to the role of director of data science with the goal to “propel their artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning initiatives forward, in an effort to flip the traditionally stale insurance industry on its head,” according to an announcement released by the online brokerage.

Surex Direct is in the process of building intelligent software into their operation that can automate processes, such as reading and sorting documents; identify cross-selling opportunities; and produce new underwriting insights and improved risk assessment models.

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“Being able to incorporate machine learning to better understand our customers and their needs is an industry game-changer,” said Lance Miller, CEO of Surex Direct, in a statement. “Hiring someone of Dr. Eric Chalmers’ pedigree is our first move in drastically improving the current insurance marketplace.”

Chalmers joined Surex Direct in October. He has spent the last six years developing intelligent systems for use in health care, proteomics, sports analytics and agriculture. He graduated from the University of Alberta with a PhD in electrical and computer engineering.

“Simply put, AI technologies will reduce overhead costs while enabling unprecedented products and service,” said Chalmers through a statement. “AI technologies are a tool we’ll use to stay ahead. From shopping the market to years into a customers’ relationship with Surex Direct, these AI technologies will enhance our ability to provide first-class service, at every step of the insurance process.”

Surex Direct is an online brokerage established in 2012 and based in Magrath, Alb. Its book of business includes more than $45 million in annual insurance premiums.

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