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Customer needs a broker? Aviva’s Amazon Alexa “skill” can help

Access to quotes and reference information also a part of the program

Aviva Canada’s “skill” in Amazon’s Alexa program can direct consumers to brokers.

“One of the questions on the Aviva skill is, ‘Alexa, ask Aviva to find me a broker.’ We will continue to improve and expand the Aviva skill and the ‘find me an Aviva broker’ experience,” according to an email statement by Aviva provided to Canadian Insurance Top Broker.

A future improvement could include the addition of location-based features that direct customers to a broker near them, the statement continues.

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The insurer announced through a blog post earlier this week that it is working with Amazon’s cloud-based tool to provide answers to common insurance questions, such as “Alexa, ask Aviva what does full coverage mean?” or “Alexa, ask Aviva what is accident benefits coverage?”

In addition, Ontario users of the retail giant’s technology can also ask Alexa for an auto insurance quote.

“The quote functionality initially is an indicative price and this quick quote could be a starting point for a conversation with any Aviva broker,” Aviva’s statement reads. “Alexa [can also offer] the consumer the chance to connect to an Aviva agent either online or through a call centre. This is the first iteration of this technology and we will look to add additional features over the coming year that further support the broker channel.”

Alexa will launch in Canada on Dec. 5. The service uses Amazon’s Echo hardware devices to respond to voice commands.

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