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Aviva Canada’s new “skill” available through Amazon’s Alexa tech

Ontario drivers can soon receive auto insurance quotes from the retail giant’s cloud-based service

Insurance resources and, in one province, auto rate quotes from Aviva Canada will be available to Canadian consumers who utilize Amazon’s Alexa technology.

Alexa is the retail giant’s cloud-based service that responds to a person’s voice commands. It can play music, control a smart home and retrieve information. When it launches in Canada on Dec. 5, consumers curious about how insurance works can enable the Aviva Insurance “skill” or program that allows the insurer to share that information through the cloud service.

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“Now, you can get answers to common insurance questions by speaking to Alexa on any Alexa device. You’ll be able to ask Alexa questions like ‘Alexa, ask Aviva what does full coverage mean?’ or ‘Alexa, ask Aviva what is accident benefits coverage?’” states a recent blog post on Aviva Canada’s website.

Ontario drivers will have an additional feature through their Alexa-enabled devices with the ability to receive an auto insurance quote by answering a few questions asked by Alexa.

The cloud service is available through the use of Amazon’s “Echo” hardware device.

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