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June 2013 contents | Canadian Insurance

June 2013 contents

You’ve Got Secure Mail

Transport Layer Security for email offers a low-cost solution for client protection and retention

>>By Pranab Pandey

Modern Master

Brad Shantz brings 21st-century efficiency to Shaw Sabey & Associates Inc.

>>By Terri Goveia

The Perils of Bouncy Castles

Summer is the season of corporate special events for customers and staff. Here’s what clients need to know about playing host

>>By Regan Reid

The Beat Goes On

Music festivals today face new threats from severe weather and terrorism. How brokers can ensure the crowd goes wild–in a good way

>>By Heather Moyer

A Healthy Response

Ontario brokers back local youths’ commitment to honour a friend

Growing West

Toronto’s Tredd Insurance Brokers is chasing big risks in the oil patch

>>By Regan Reid