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BC’s Boys and Girls

The employees of Capri Insurance focus on children and families in their charitable work

To the brokers of Capri Insurance, charity work is about action, not words. Since 2005, Capri and its partners have raised over $335,000 for the Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs through the Capri Charity Golf Classic, a golf tournament held every August.

“The day of the golf tournament feels like Christmas morning. We’re the title sponsor of a sold-out event that is going to make a real difference in the lives of so many people. It feels wonderful to know that we’re helping to create strong families, which leads to vibrant communities,” says Erika Jarvis, communications manager for the brokerage. Capri’s charity work is appreciated by over 30 Boys and Girls Clubs throughout the Okanagan Valley, but its community involvement also has a positive effect close to home.

Capri Insurance is an employee-owned brokerage with 11 offices throughout the interior of British Columbia. To the staff at Capri, the needs of their customers and local communities always come first. Unlike most corporate giving programs, Capri’s charity work is strongly influenced by its employees—a progressive approach that’s led to high employee satisfaction and strong ties with the community.

“When it comes to philanthropy, there’s nothing ‘corporate’ about our charity work. We put people first. Because our charity work is employee-led, we can help a wider variety of organizations and initiatives, big and small,” says Tim Miller, Capri’s president and CEO.

This organic approach to corporate giving has a successful snowball effect. “Capri supports causes that are important to staff, which empowers our brokers to foster strong relationships within the community. Our brokers have the power to be there for customers on a personal level when it’s needed,” says operations manager Jason Baughen.

“We’re involved with campaigns for the Aviva Community Fund, the United Way, the YMCA and countless other organizations, but we’ve also raised money for a customer whose young son had congenital heart disease and for another customer who adopted her granddaughter and needed children’s toys. It’s about being there for those who need us most,” says Erika Jarvis, Communications Manager.

“We rally behind causes that are important to our staff, which leads to high levels of trust, respect and communication within our company. We strongly encourage our brokers to put themselves out there for charity. It inspires everyone: their children, co-workers and the entire community,” says Miller.

For example, Capri broker Crissy Cuddihy made local headlines when she put on her dancing shoes for a good cause and won the “Judges Choice” award at Swinging with the Stars, an event that raised over $150,000 for the Kelowna Hospice Association.

“To me, the most rewarding part of the event was imagining how many lives we impacted. Now my daughter even dedicates time to charity. It makes me very proud,” says Cuddihy.

Publicity is not the goal of Capri Insurance when it raises money for worthy causes. The brokerage aims to make a true difference in the community: to foster respect, trust and engagement with its staff; and, to create stronger families at work and home.

“At the end of the day, it’s about telling your staff you’re proud of what they’ve accomplished. Great things happen when you empower your employees,” says Miller.


Copyright 2013 Rogers Publishing Ltd. This article first appeared in the December 2013 edition of Canadian Insurance Top Broker magazine