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Up close and personal with the Stanley Cup at Trisura Legends Day | Canadian Insurance

Up close and personal with the Stanley Cup at Trisura Legends Day

More than 100 brokers from 30 brokerages attended the event

Things got off to a memorable start at the inaugural Trisura Legends Day, held at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto on May 3.

After assembling a group of brokers for a morning pep talk in a replica of the Montreal Canadiens’ dressing room, Trisura CEO Mike George surprised attendees with an unexpected visitor: the Stanley Cup.

It wasn’t in a glass case or behind velvet ropes. It was right there. In the dressing room.

Following a group photo with the cup, brokers were treated to a day of education sessions on succeeding in business and navigating a world filled with disruptive forces.

“Our world is changing quickly and dramatically,” George told Canadian Insurance Top Broker. “I wanted to make sure that our brokers, and the future leaders in those brokerages, are all thinking about change and how they’ll have to adapt their organizations in the future.”

Legends Day proved an apt name for the event, with several of the presenters being legends in their own right.

Jeff MacInnis, founder of WIN Thinking, regaled the audience with his story of being on the first team to sail the Northwest Passage.

“The only thing you need to know about polar bears is that they eat people,” MacInnis said. “I hear your competition is similar.”

Hockey legend and broadcaster Cassie Campbell-Pascall also took to the stage, describing the exhilaration of winning Olympic gold and the devastation of winning silver. Successful people, she argued, have the ability to face their fears and overcome them.

“Whether you’re a man or woman, we all face fear, and sometimes it’s the fear of opportunity that’s staring at us,” she said. “It’s the fear of not trying something new—‘Oh, I’m not qualified for that,’ or ‘I’m too qualified for that.’”

Sledge hockey player Tyler McGregor discussed his experiences at back-to-back Paralympic Games, and talked about the resilience he developed after losing his left leg to spindle cell sarcoma.

“In all the challenges we face, we have the opportunity to create something positive,” he said.

The day wrapped up with a presentation from Jim Harris, an internationally acclaimed speaker on disruptive innovation.

“I believe there are only two kinds of organizations: those that are disrupting and those that are being disrupted,” he said. “The only question is, which side of the equation do you want to be on?”

That message resonated with George, who said it was incumbent on brokers and insurers alike to make sure they’re on the right side of disruption.

“We’ve got to up our game as an industry—as insurers and brokers—in order to compete in the future,” George told CITB. “The direct writers and folks who are looking to disrupt the value chain in this business are definitely looking at commercial insurance.”

Trisura Legends Day was presented in partnership with the Schulich School of Business. Attendees received a certificate of completion from Schulich at the conclusion of the event.